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Why Instant Office™?

Instant Office Logo Cover Trusted Since 1986You had a dream to be an entrepreneur, to own your own business. Your dream was born. You then made your first phone call. Now your waiting for a call back. Are you going to, or are you able to answer the call yourself ? Will the call go to voice mail ? Will your voice mail be full ? If you do get an appointment, are you going to have a meeting at a noisy coffee shop? If you do get the deal is your client going to mail a check to a PO box ? These are the questions you must ask yourself, the answers will determine the speed of your success. The reason for this is, “Professional people want to do business with Professional people”. INSTANT OFFICE™ is exactly what the name implies, an instant office. Imagine your business with a professional image. Imagine your clients respecting the professionalism of your business. A live receptionists response to your clients call, is why a client remains a client. When your phone rings we answer the call in your business name an connect you with the call. When mail is received in your business name at your prestigious business address Jericho NY, your ( io ) assistant is working exclusively for you. You have a totally equipped office, or a conference room for meetings that you can rent by the hour or the day. The ideal alternative for the expense of salaries, benefits, rent or utilizes is to employ Instant Office. Its easier to cut expanse’s, then to increase income. Create a start-up business, maintain a mid-size company or preserve a long term organization, Instant Office will continue to be a constant profit center.


“A trusted business partner since 1986, born in New York, connected World Wide”


Answering Service — We will provide a telephone number for your exclusive use or you may forward your own number to us.Instant Office USA™ will provide a telephone number for your exclusive use or you may forward your own number to us. Our services include, while answering the call in your business name, our reliable professional receptionists will connect the call directly to you, while simultaneously emailing or texting that message.

These services will include answering your cell phone. The Instant Office USA™ cell phone program is designed to keep your cell phone, an effective business tool.

Mailing Service — We will provide your business with a mailbox and mail service. Our prestigious Jericho building address will be your business addressInstant Office USA™ will provide your business with a mailbox and mail service. Our prestigious Jericho building address will be your business address. Our service includes, receiving and handling your mail, reading your mail to you upon request, scanning and emailing important documents, and accepting packages.

Your business name can be placed on the building lobby directory.

Instant Office USA™ is an agent of the USPS (United States Postal Services).

Instant Office — Meeting/Conference/Working Room

We rent our Meeting Conference Room:

  • Available Hourly or Daily
  • Full Secretarial and Clerical Services
  • Professional Reception Area
  • Fax and Copy Services
  • Word Processing and Laser Printing
  • Mail Merges, Reports, Presentations
  • Ample Parking
  • High Speed WiFi Internet Available

All it takes is One Idea — Conversation is Marketing.

All it takes is one ideer.

Conversations help bring life to the idea. Conversation is marketing. Ideas come to life when you bounce them off other entrepreneurs. Everyone needs the services of others to be successful in their own business.

Instant Office USA™ will host breakfast, bagels and coffee, on the last Friday of every month at eight o’clock am. This networking groups sole purpose is to speak about who you are what you do and how you could help other businesses.

Communication, regarding your thoughts or ideas are welcome.

Please email oneideer@instantofficeusa.com

All it takes is one idea.

“you never know”

Instant Office — Meeting/Conference/Working Room

Don’t lose a client due to a language barrier. Instant Office USA™ has on staff an interpreter for Chinese, French or Spanish.

Instant Office USA™ can accommodate your language needs either in our conference room on a zoom meeting or at your office. whatever the need and your clients needs are, our team says yes we can , yes we will.

Instant Office USA — Meeting/Conference/Working Room

Your Instant Office USA™ will schedule a pick up and delivery of sensitive documents, client gifts, and other timely materials. We’ll then track the delivery in real-time with photo proof of delivery and optional signature.

Instant Office — Meeting/Conference/Working Room

Your Virtual Office Assistant can do the tasks that any Executive Assistant can handle, such as:

  • Writing Reports
  • Resumes
  • Outgoing Phone Calls