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Understanding the emotional side of words. A group of words at the right time will give you the feeling needed to move on.

Some will laugh
Some will say, I knew that
One will say, you made my day.

A leader listens, then understands.

ABC company, ” Powered by Dreams”.

Accepting is not surrendering.

Act today, Who you want to be tomorrow.

Activity Egnites Activity.

Activity Produces Energy.

Age is wisdom.

Anyone can grow rich, it’s not your Situation it’s what you’re made of.

Are you interested or committed.

B Nine, Think Ninety.

B confident, B different, B smart, B U.

Build an army of ambassadors.

Bums and billionaires all have twenty four hours in a day.

Business is Fun.

Business is war, nothing personal.

Confidence is learned by living.

Conversation is marketing.

Conversations can be forgotten, Feelings never die.

Dear to dream, there are no walls in dreams.

Do it, Don’t say it.

Do nothing nothing will happen.

Doing nothing is doing something, You’re thinking.

Don’t explain, Tell.

Enthusiasm is the Fuel for Success.

Equinimity, The blood of the entrepreneur.

Experience is Power.

Experience is the teacher of life’s lessons.

Fight that lazy monster.

I want my cake and eat it too and I want to own the bakery.

If the tallest mountain in the world can be climbed, Then life’s speed bumps cannot stop you.

If you don’t get out, you’ll never be in.

If you’re not friends with someone you’ll never know their friends.

Imagination, Most powerful force within us.

It’s not just words, it’s the emotion of the words.

It’s not the place, It’s the people.

Kindness, to be visible to the invisible.

Life is sweet but dangerous, it’s as if you were licking honey of a knife.

Life, Just ask.

Life, Look learn and listen,you win.

Life’s three most important words, You never know.

Live who you want to be.

Negativity reduces your Power.

Networking, Meeting people changing lives.

Networking, You never know till you say hello.

Old school, Will never go out of style.

One ask can change your life.

Persistence, The difference between a little shot and a big shot.

Play business Chess, Think About your next move.

Remove the obstacles, The goal is easy.

Say it.

Silence IS loud.

Silence, The language of wisdom.

Slow down, and think.

Stay true to your beliefs, Don’t let the bastards get you down.

Stop Fearing fear.

Talk to me I’ll understand, Tell me a story I’ll never forget.

The cost of waiting could be deadly.

The future is UNCONTROLLABLEY on its way.

The future is only a tick away.

Time is your Most Valuable Asset.

Today you can solidify tomorrow.

Touch a life, you touch the world.

Two magical words, Thank You.

We never lose in life, we always learn.

We never lose in life, we always learn.

We’re all great in our own special way.

What you know Starts the process, Who you know makes the money.

When you care, they care.

When you’re always ready, you don’t have to get ready.

With money, You get honey.

Words can create the feeling to take you to the next level.

You can’t change yesterday, you can start today, and change tomorrow.

You have to feel it to be it.

You need to live to learn.

You talk to God, Who are you afraid to talk to.

You’re Good alone, You’re Great with Partners.