Why Instant Office™

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You had a dream to be an entrepreneur, to own your own business. Your dream was born. You then made your first phone call. Now your waiting for a callback. Are you going to, or are you able to answer the call yourself? Will the call go to voicemail? Will your voicemail be full? If you do get an appointment, are you going to have a meeting at a noisy coffee shop? If you do get the deal is your client going to mail a check to a PO box? These are the questions you must ask yourself, the answers will determine the speed of your success.

Entrepreneur’s understand we’re all in a people business, we need the services of others to grow. An entrepreneur knows to be successful there’s not only an academic factor but a emotional factor that must be felt. In high school the boys and girls wouldn’t play with you if they didn’t feel good about you, in business men and women won’t do business with you if they don’t feel good about you.

The Power of Technology is great however, voicemail, a full voicemail box or press 1 press 2 press 3 will never give your client the “Comfort of Trust” as a live person asking, Hi how can I help you. John Dunn an English poet 400 years ago wrote “No man is an Island” meaning no one is truly self sufficient everyone must rely on the company and comfort of others to thrive.

The emotional factor of communicating to your client you have a commercial business address, Jericho New York not a PO. Box or a UPS Box and that you can have a meeting in a private conference room not a noisy Dinner should make you feel more professional about your business and your clients will feel the trust in you.

Maya Angelo, an American Poet wrote, “People will forget what you’ve said to them, they’ll forget what you did for them, but they’ll never forget the way you made them feel.”

Why Instant Office™, with your business acumen and service, coupled with the offering of professionalism and a successful image, your clients will “Never forget the way you made them Feel”.